Travels With Ted

About the Family

Travels with Ted are a travel loving family of four. The children are still small but growing up quickly and already loving all our escapades.

We have always been brave in our life choices. In 2008, after getting married, we made the decision to give up any chance of a regular wage and start our own business. Several years and a few twists and turns later we manage our own Farm Park. The story of how we got here and our life on the farm is a whole blog in itself.

Liona is the voice behind this blog but rarely the face. She prefers to stay behind the camera and talk about the three most important people she knows. David needed to have children so that he had someone to tell his terrible dad jokes to. He is an adventurous scaredy cat. Both David and Liona have always felt the pull of travel but work prevented them from heading off for any length of time. Now they have a family it is more important to them than ever to make time to experience more.

You might think that a family travel blog called Travels with Ted would carry a bear with them everywhere. We do, he’s called Teddy, he’s 3 years old and he’s blond. He loves spending time with his family more than everything. His sense of wanderlust is already strong and he often asks when watching something on TV, looking at a picture or a leaflet if we can go there. His ideal job is Go Jetter.

Esme (May) is our little adventurer. At 1 year old she loves to climb, explore and generally find her way to where ever she’s not meant to be.

Both children are wilful. This makes travelling and adventuring with them can be a challenge at times. We wouldn’t have it any other way though. Seeing the world through their eyes adds a new perspective.

The majority of our exploits are UK based, especially from our home base in Cambridgeshire. Work has us tethered but this is OK, for now. The UK has plenty of amazing places to explore. We do occasionally find time to pay a visit to Europe and we have big plans for our family’s future.

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