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Fen Farmland Museum

Fenland Farming Museum

Ted and I visited the Fen Farmland Museum back in August. Perhaps surprisingly it remains our only mother-son day out to date. We had a lovely day out, although oddly we were one of only two families there on a stupidly hot day in the middle of the summer holiday.

Here’s what we enjoyed most about the museum:

1. Fen Farmland Museum Educational Displays

Ted Milking a Cow at the Fenland Farming Museum
Ted Milking a Cow at the Fen Farmland Museum

The Fen Farmland Museum has many hands-on educational displays to aid children in learning about the different farming methods. Kids always love a milkable cow at a farmyard, and there were several other historical techniques to try out too.

2. The Toy Shed

The toy shed is both brilliant and annoying because once we discovered it, Ted did not want to go anywhere else. There was more than enough to keep him occupied all day. A lot of the toys were well thought out and suitably educational. They included dress-up, a well-stocked shop and jigsaws showing the different farmland that can be found around Cambridgeshire.

3. Tractors

Driving a Tractor at the Fenland Farming Museum
Driving a Tractor at the Fen Farmland Museum

At the Fen Farmland Museum, there are a lot of tractors from through the ages, alongside all manner of other farming contraptions. The favourite is always going to be the one tractor they can sit on and ride through.

4. Outdoor Play

There’s plenty of outside space for the kids to burn off some excess energy around the Fen Farmland Museum. There were also mini tractors (always a favourite) and a small but fun play area.

5. Denny Abbey

Denny Abbey at the Fenland Farming Museum
Denny Abbey at the Fen Farmland Farming Museum

Entrance to the museum includes access to Denny Abbey. The site is owned by English Heritage. The Abbey itself isn’t huge (as Abbeys go) and has been almost completely gutted. You get around the interior on a series of wooden walkways. If anything this makes it a more exciting place to explore.

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