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The Fitzwilliam with Kids

The Fitzwilliam Museum with Kids

When we popped into The Fitzwilliam with kids earlier this month, we hadn’t planned the visit. We were going to go to the Polar Museum. Then, expecting the children would be museumed out, head home. But the Polar Museum went really well. Both kids were in a good mood, and The Fitzwilliam Museum is just around the corner. We decided to chance The Fitzwilliam with kids. 

For anyone that doesn’t know, The Fitzwilliam is a free museum filled with historical artefacts. The best comparison I can give is to the British Museum in London. The Fitzwilliam is the British Museum’s spiritual younger sibling. In case you were wondering, The Fitzwilliam does also have its own mummies.

We ended up having a fabulous time. Here are my tips for The Fitzwilliam with kids:

1. Head in Through the Side Door

It might not seem obvious when you arrive at the extremely steep and imposing front entrance of The Fitzwilliam with the kids, but there is a side entrance. This is important because this entrance is pushchair accessible. It is also where you will find all the kids activities. Which brings me to my next point.

The Fitzwilliam Museum with Kids
The Fitzwilliam Museum with Kids

2. Pick up a Fitzwilliam Kids Activity Pack

The Fitzwilliam has more packs for different ages than any other museum I have visited. They even have play mats for babies. We selected a treasure hunt, but there were many more options.

3. Pick Out the Things You Most Want to See

It’s unlikely you’ll get around the whole of The Fitzwilliam with kids in tow before someone’s feet get tired and someone else is hangry. My advice is to go to the website and pick out your must-see things ahead of time. You’ll be able to head there first. This is excellent advice for any large museum that I never remember to follow myself.

4. Skip the Boring Bits

The Fitzwilliam has a lot of incredible stuff. It also has many rooms filled with pottery. While there is no doubt an interesting story behind each vase, it’s unlikely you will be able to engage your kids. Move on.

Fitzwilliam Museum Visiting museums with young kids
The Fitzwilliam Museum with Kids

5. Quit While You’re Ahead

Another tip that applies to visiting almost anywhere with kids. You might be enjoying a few minutes contemplating a Monet but if the toddler is starting to whine in might be time to move on. If you’ve made it round half of The Fitzwilliam with the kids, then you have done well. It might be time to hit the gift shop and get out of there.

The Fitzwilliam is one of many great museums and attractions to visit in Cambridge with kids. Read more in my A-Z of Cambridge with kids.

I’ve got lots more tips on visiting museums with kids in this post here.

Is there a museum like this where you live?

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4 thoughts on “The Fitzwilliam with Kids

  1. Great tips! I didn’t know there were mummies here, too. Putting this on our list for England!

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