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Get Kids Excited for London

Reading about London outside Buckingham Palace.

When we’re planning a trip we always like to make sure the kids are as excited as we are. For London it was easy, Ted (age 4) and May (age 2) already knew all about our nation’s capital from watching Go Jetters. We also looked at lots of books and games and choose our favourites. We learned a lot on this trip. The picture above is the kids enjoying reading about Buckingham Palace while sat outside the Palace itself.

I have selected a range of books for children, from babies through to the upper end of primary school. I am sure there is a book listed below that your child would love to read before visiting London.

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Usborne Look Inside London

This is our top pick for books to buy if you’re visiting London with kids. It’s fantastic to read with small children as there are lots of things to see and do on each page. Older kids will get a lot out of it too as there are plenty of London facts on each page. Landmarks include Kings Cross, Tower of London, Buckingham Palace and several more.

My London Infographic Sticker Activity Book

My London Infographic Sticker Activity Book is an attractive book, packed with information. Stickers include landmarks of London, bridges over the Thames, the history of London and sky-high buildings.

Usborne London Colouring Book

This stylish colouring book has fun facts about London alongside pictures of famous landmarks to colour in.

First Sticker Book London (First Sticker Books)

The simple stylised art in this sticker book is lovely. It has nine different background pictures for kids to add stickers to. These include Buckingham Palace with beefeater stickers, The London Eye with stickers for the individual capsules and London Zoo with animal stickers.

Usbourne London Activity Book

A step up from Usbourne’s First London Sticker Book is their London Activity Book. This book is packed with puzzles, games, and stickers that will keep kids entertained. Attractions and landmarks include London Bridge, London Zoo, London Aquarium, Trafalgar Square, Buckingham Palace and many more.

50 Things to Spot in London (Usborne Spotters’ Cards)

This is a set of 50 cards with pictures of famous London landmarks on one side and facts and information on the other. Useful for when you are exploring London as it means you don’t have to carry around a book.

Usborne London Snap

We love playing snap when we’re out and about. It’s a great game for pre-schoolers for restaurants, airports and accommodation, assuming everyone doesn’t get too excited. The 52 cards can also be used for memory games, and the pictures are attractive too. They are just pictures though, no facts.

Pop-Up London

This is a cute little pop-up book from Lonely Planet Kids. The facts on each page are short and to the point but the pictures and pop-ups make it interesting to look at. Pop-ups include Buckingham Palace, The Shard, the Tower of London, Trafalgar Square, St Paul’s Cathedral and the London Underground.

London (My First Touch and Find)

This cute little touch and feel book is perfect for babies and toddlers on their first trip to London. It has easy to open flaps, and textured pages. Pages to feel include monkeys at London Zoo and dinosaurs at the Natural History Museum.

Busy London

Busy London is another cute book for toddlers. This has pull-tabs to engage little ones with the landmarks of London. They can open London Bridge, turn the London Eye and raise the flag on Buckingham Palace.

See Inside London

For older children, this flap book offers a glimpse inside the history of London. Travel back to ancient London, Tudor times or London during the plague. Alternatively, learn more about modern London.

Kids’ Travel Guide London

Another book that’s perfect for older children to learn about the place they are visiting as they experience it. It is full of puzzles and quizzes that will keep them occupied.

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14 thoughts on “Get Kids Excited for London

  1. We love to read travel books before we visit anywhere! Will check some of these out for our next visit to London

  2. This is such a good collection of books to get kids excited about one of the best cities in the world! If you can get the kids excited youre half way there!

  3. Awesome ideas! Out daughter loved London when she was a baby. I’ll look into these suggestions for our next trip, since she’s a little bit older now!

  4. I love how there are so many beautiful children’s books on London! I can honestly say that I don’t think there are this many quality children’s books regarding popular U.S. destinations.

  5. These activity books look fab! We love London and have been with the kids recently but didn’t get to do some of the sites. I will definitely look into these when we next go back!

  6. We used to do that when the children were young – now we buy a grown up travel guide for each country we visit, and the children use it to pick out what they’d like to see

  7. What a great idea to read the books before you go, my 8 year old doesn’t like surprises and likes to know exactly where he is going and what he will see, so these sound like perfect

  8. This is such a great way of getting the kids excited about travel. Mine love it when they see somewhere we have been in a book or on TV

  9. My kids absolutely love London and really enjoy visiting whenever we can – we have the Mr Men Book of London and read it often – need to broaden our collection so these books are ace

    Laura x

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