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Kettle’s Yard for kids

Kettle's Yard for Kids

Kettle’s Yard is the University of Cambridge’s space for modern art. It’s a great gallery, but you might be wondering what’s at Kettle’s Yard for kids? Read on.

Any Tips on Galleries for Kids?

Art Galleries with Kids
Art Galleries with Kids

We haven’t attempted to visit many art galleries with the children, so this is going to be a relatively short piece. It’s not that we don’t think it’s a good idea to visit galleries with children, I’m a firm believer in giving everything a go. It is merely that David and I don’t tend to visit many ourselves. We’re drawn more to museums that have either a historical focus or a science focus. Ideally both. If it’s got a dinosaur, then we are there.

However, here are some blogs that do have some useful tips:

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What about Kettle’s Yard for kids?

Kettle’s Yard runs a wide variety of events for children of all ages. These include workshops where explore an artists work and then create their own, drop-in sessions, portfolio sessions for older children and a family twilight visit. Costs range from entirely free to £30 per session and booking is required for many so check the website for full details

Kettle's Yard for Kids
Kettle’s Yard for Kids

Miss May and I attended an early years session for children up to the age of four. It cost £5 per child and lasted 45 minutes. The primary activity of the session was playing with sand. There were piles of sand in the middle of the room, and we were given various tools to create shapes and pictures. There was also singing, bunting and one of those giant parachutes.

May (age 1) liked playing in the sand, the music and the stepping stones that were put out at the end. May did not like other children touching her sand.

Esme at Kettle's Yard
Esme at Kettle’s Yard

There are lots more things to do with kids in Cambridge. You can check out my full A-Z of Cambridge with Kids by clicking here.

Do you have any tips for visiting art galleries with kids? I would love to hear them.

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