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Linton Zoo Animals – Our Favourites

Linton Zoo

Linton Zoo is probably the smallest zoo I have visited but it still manages to pack in some pretty awesome animals. From lemurs to snow leopards, Linton Zoo delivers with its animals.

Linton Zoo Animal Favourites

Linton Zoo Animals - Zebra
Linton Zoo Animals – Zebra

Ted (age 4) was keen to see the lions first and they did not disappoint. Lounging around close to the fence, almost within touching distance. Miss May (age 2) wanted to see the zebras, the ones she claimed were her favourites after our visit last week to Africa Alive!

Here’s some more of our favourites:

1. Lemurs

Linton Zoo Animals - Mongoose Lemur
Linton Zoo Animals – Mongoose Lemur

The Linton Zoo lemurs are stunning. There are four species of lemur at Linton Zoo, all of which are endangered or critically endangered. The Linton Zoo lemurs are mongoose, white-collared, red-ruffed and crowned lemurs. I particularly fell in love with a pair of mongoose lemurs tucked around the side of the cafe. They came right up to the glass to peer at us. Ted and I had a staring contest with them for quite some time.

Linton zoo offer lemur experience days for children aged 8+ and adults.

2. Lions

I had a childhood obsession with lions and I still get quite emotional when I see one in real life. Linton Zoo has two prides of lions and they are currently expanding their lion enclosures. The enclosures look rather overgrown but this is a deliberate policy of the zoo in order to provide private spaces for the animals and to not disturb them too often. The larger pride of four lions were the ones that were close enough to touch as they lounged around sunning themselves.

3. Tortoises

Linton Zoo Animals - Tortoise
Linton Zoo Animals – Tortoise

Linton zoo has an incredible 11 species of tortoise and terrapin, ranging from tiny pancake tortoises through to Aldabra giant tortoises. Many of the species are vulnerable in the wild. The giant tortoise species are the stars of the show but my personal favourite is the flat-shelled pancake tortoise.

4. Tapirs

Linton Zoo Animals - Tapir
Linton Zoo Animals – Tapir

The tapirs at Linton Zoo are Brazilian tapirs. They became family favourites on our first visit when one friendly fellow licked David’s hand. Fortunately, they are right next to the zoo’s small playground so the grown-ups can enjoy watching the cuddly tapirs while the kids play.

5. Snow Leopard and Tiger

Aside from lions, the Linton zoo animal collection contains two other big cats. Both the tiger and the snow leopard have enclosures filled with foilage and hiding places so you might have to go round the zoo a couple of times if you want to spot them. The fluffy tail of the Linton Zoo snow leopard can frequently be seen hanging down from its favourite platform.

Linton Zoo – Tiger

We Saw the Tiger!

After visiting Linton Zoo several times in the last year we finally saw the tiger. It was a surprise as this visit was in January and most of the other animals were asleep. We usually spot all of the lions but they were nowhere to be seen. The snow leopard was in its usual spot.

6. Binturong

Binturongs were not really on our radar before our most recent visit to Linton Zoo. We hadn’t noticed them before because they were hiding away. They were all outside and on the go this time and we found them charming. It helped that there was a mother with two small babies climbing all over the trees.

7. Marabou stork

Linton Zoo Animals - Maribou Stork
Linton Zoo Animals – Maribou Stork

Not the most obvious choice for a favourite Linton Zoo animal but this guy had us captivated by its impressive wingspan. Ted knows this bird from the Julia Donaldson book The Ugly Five. He’s particularly fond of the lines “my legs are covered in poo, I’ll eat anything, even a shoe”. No poo or shoes here, just a happy bird sunning its back.

8. Dinosaurs

Linton Zoo Animals – Brachiosaurus

The largest of the Linton Zoo animals are the five species of dinosaurs walking freely around the zoo. There are three herbivores and two carnivores. See if you can spot them all.

Linton Zoo Amenities and Playgrounds

Linton Zoo – Playground

Linton Zoo has a small cafe serving basic hot food which also doubles up as a gift shop. The focus at Linton Zoo is more on the animals rather than entertainment as such. There is a small but perfectly good playground at the top of the park, a bouncy castle in the car park and a few other bits and pieces around the place.

Linton Zoo Prices and Discounts

Up to date prices and opening times can be found on the zoo’s website. We purchased a family annual pass which has some great benefits. Not only are we able to visit Linton Zoo as often as we like for free, but we also get half-price entry to many of the other zoos in East Anglia. We have already gotten our money’s worth with three visits to Linton, one to Africa Alive and one to Thrigby Wildlife Gardens in two months.

All BIAZA zoos in East Anglia have signed up to this great zoo deal. If you purchase a season ticket from any of the zoos listed below you will not only get benefits at the zoo you bought your pass from, you also get half-price entry to all of the other zoos. Here are the zoos signed up to the East Anglia zoos deal:

You can read much more on all the zoos in this list in my post on East Anglia Zoos.

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