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Thrigby Hall Wildlife Gardens – A Review

Thrigby Hall Gardens Tiger

As a family, we have experienced many zoos in Norfolk and Suffolk. When we look back at our highlights many of them come from Thrigby Hall Wildlife Gardens. They are excellent at putting visitor experience at the front and center. Importantly though, I didn’t feel that this was at the expense of animal care. The Thrigby Hall gardens are stunning as well, it’s a really lovely place to walk around. A quick review of Thrigby Hall zoo from our family would be, we loved it.

Thrigby Hall Wildlife Park is a zoo near Great Yarmouth in Norfolk. It is also part of the BIAZA zoos discount scheme (more about that at the bottom of this page).

Our Favourite Bits Thrigby Hall Wildlife Gardens

1. The Gibbons

You cannot miss the gibbons. At times throughout the day, they make an incredible noise as they call to one another from their treetop enclosures. They have two species at Thrigby Hall Wildlife Gardens, Siamang Gibbons and White Handed Gibbons. They have tall enclosures, designed for them to be able to swing around. Visitors can walk along treetop paths, bringing them face to face with the gibbons as they perform.

Apologies for the video quality but I recommend having a listen. 

2. Swamp House

Thrigby Hall Gardens Crocodile
Thrigby Hall Gardens – Crocodile

The Swamp House is wonderful. They have two species of crocodile (Mugger and the iconic Salt Water) and an American alligator in residence. On the day we visited the American alligator was sunning itself in the outdoor part of its enclosure. It could move freely inside or out. Inside the Swamp House, visitors can move around on raised walkways giving them an excellent view of the terrifying reptiles. Even better, if you follow the walkway around it takes you down to below the water level and if you are lucky enough you will find yourself eye to eye with a crocodile.

3. Sumatran Tigers

Thrigby Hall Gardens Tiger
Thrigby Hall Gardens – Sumatran Tiger

How close have you been to a tiger? I can guarantee it won’t be closer than you are able to get to the Sumatran tigers at Thrigby Hall Wildlife Gardens. We initially went into the tiger tunnel which was a bit of a disappointment. The tunnel takes you into the tiger enclosure at ground level and while we could see a tiger moving around behind some vegetation on the other side of the enclosure, it wasn’t quite as up close and personal as advertised.

When we headed up into the treetops things got more exciting. A school group was entirely occupying the platform but the wait was worth it. We found ourselves alone with two tigers no more than 2 feet away through a double fence. It was just absurd to be that close to a tiger. One was fast asleep despite the noisy school children, the other climbed up and settled herself next to us. She was one of the most beautiful creatures I have had the fortune to have been in the presence of.

4. Walk-Through Aviary

Thrigby Hall - Ducks
Thrigby Hall – Ducks in the Walk in Aviary

From a majestic big cat to ducks. The main aviary (and indeed all the smaller ones) were some of our favourite places at Thrigby Hall Wildlife Gardens because of the attention to the visitor experience. Like all good aviaries, there is a feeling of space as you walk around, you don’t notice the netting that covers the area. The main feature is a raised pond which gives you a great view of the ducks, ducklings and ibis nesting on the side.  

5. Snow, Clouded and Amur Leopards

Kids on the Amur Leopard walkway
Kids on the Amur Leopard walkway

Thrigby Hall Wildlife Gardens have three species of leopard, Snow, Clouded and Amur Leopards. All Thrigby Hall’s leopards are stunning creatures. Again, treetop walkways mean you feel like you are walking through the enclosures, not just past them. You can climb a tree and find yourself next to one leopard as it lounges on a platform, walk along a pathway to look down on another two as they playfight or return to ground level and look up to see yet another pass through a tunnel above your head. Many of the big cat species at Thrigby Hall Wildlife Gardens are part of European wide breeding programmes, including the leopards.

6. Playgrounds

Thrigby Hall - Maze playground
Thrigby Hall – Maze playground

The playgrounds at Thrigby Hall gardens were just right for us. There was plenty to keep the kids entertained while we had a coffee but they weren’t so big that we couldn’t drag them away when it was time to go and see animals. The smaller playground on the lawn in front of the house was aimed at our pre-school aged children. It included a simple maze which was a big favourite with 4-year-old Ted. We tried out the bigger playground too but it was all a bit much for the 2-year-old. Ted is a monkey but even he struggled. There is a small undercover soft play area here too.

7. Thrigby Hall gardens

Thrigby Hall Gardens and House
Thrigby Hall Gardens and House

I cannot forget to mention just how gorgeous and well kept the gardens are. The lawns are the perfect place for a picnic. The Pool Garden was one of our favourite spots, make sure you don’t miss it out.

Thrigby Hall Wildlife Gardens Tickets and Discounts

You can find up to date ticket prices on their website here.

One of the best ways we have found to get discounts to many zoos in the East of England is to buy an annual pass for one zoo. A benefit of an annual pass for any zoo signed up to the BIAZA scheme is 50% of the ticket price at all the other zoos. For a full list of the zoos signed up to the scheme and reviews of all the East Anglia zoos you should check out this post. The post also includes a full comparison of entry costs and prices of the annual passes.

The zoos and attractions signed up to the scheme are:

Thrigby Hall Gardens Amenities

As well as excellent playgrounds and beautiful grounds Thrigby Hall has several other amenities. It has a useful if an uninspiring cafe and a well-stocked gift shop. The kids are into their bamboo plates at the moment so we bought them some new bamboo bowls.

Thrigby Hall Zoo Review

We visited a lot of zoos this year in East Anglia and on reflection, this zoo was our favourite. Few others gave us the chance to get so close to some stunning animals. The whole zoo is beautifully presented and easy to walk around. Although it is a compact space there are little follies to explore and secret places to find. Thrigby Hall’s animals are all well looked after and they take part in some important breeding programmes. The clever use of walkways on different levels really enhances the visitor experience.

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6 thoughts on “Thrigby Hall Wildlife Gardens – A Review

  1. Looks like you had a fab family fun day out for sure. Always nice to get in the outdoors xx

  2. What an incredible photo of that tiger! And I am so in love with those ducks. This looks like a great place to visit, I wish I lived closer. I really love the way you lay out your posts.

  3. Wow, how close were you to that tiger – such beautiful animals – I haven’t heard of this place before but will defintely check it out

  4. It’s good to hear they treat the animals well here as over the years I’ve started to feel uneasy about Zoo’s but I do know they play an important role in conservation and this one sounds like a good one

    Laura x

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