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Top Seaside Towns of North Yorkshire

Whitby Harbour

To say the seaside towns of the North Yorkshire coast are a hidden gems would be wrong. Yorkshire folk have known about them forever. However, for us southerners beautiful beaches north of the midlands still seem to be a surprise. The seaside towns of North Yorkshire are the stuff of dreams for children so it’s well worth adding them to your list of must visit places in the UK. Here are my Top 4:

1. Whitby

Whitby Harbour
Whitby Harbour

There’s so much to do in Whitby making one of the best seaside towns on the North Yorkshire coast to take the kids. The beach is perfect for sandcastles, exploring caves and riding donkeys. In the harbour you can hop on a boat ride or watch the bridge open. A walk on the harbour wall is another must. Whitby museum is fab as well, featuring everything from fossils to hundreds of model ships. (Click here for tops on visiting museums with young kids). All this is without ascending the 199 steps to the Abbey or climbing the other side of the bay to have your photo taken with the whale jaw bones.

We had a wonderful few days in the town. You can read more here about unusual things to do in Whitby.

2. Staithes

Staithes Harbour Wall
Staithes Harbour Wall

Staithes has everything young children want from one of the top seaside towns of the North Yorkshire coast. A cool harbour to explore, rock pools, fossil hunting and most importantly it’s the setting for a CBeebies TV programme.

The town is a warren of alleyways and small cottages. The main consequence of this is that you can’t drive down into the town, there’s simply nowhere to park, it’s hard for two cars to pass in opposite directions and there are few places to turn round. This means you have to park at the top and descend a very steep hill.

We went down to Staithes for a sunset walk as the tide came in. It was a brief visit to the rock pools but we enjoyed a walk along the harbour walls, spotting the sculptures and sussing out the general vibe of the place (it definitely has a vibe). We’ll be heading back next time we’re in the area.

3. Robin Hood’s Bay

Robin Hood's Bay
Robin Hood’s Bay – one of the most beautiful seaside towns of North Yorkshire

Robin Hood’s bay is another seaside town that has it all. Magical, twisty roads leading down to a bay with numerous rock pools and cliffs for fossil hunting. As with Staithes you have to park at the top and walk down to the beach. The walk is steep but picturesque, past quaint shops and buildings full of character.

We arrived just as the tide was starting to go out so we had to carry the pushchair up and down a lot of steps to get to the beach. On the way back it was much easier as we could get round to the boat ramp. We spent the morning exploring the beach and rock pools. Another time we could have spent the day here but the kids were tired from a few days of exploring so we headed off just after lunch and they slept in the car all afternoon.

4. Scarborough

Scarborough North Bay Railway
Scarborough North Bay Railway

Scarborough is another of the coastal towns of North Yorkshire with plenty to do. The main town has all the things you expect at the British seaside but for us it’s the North bay that makes this town special. Peasholm Park is a labyrinth of follies and points of interest. The North Bay Railway that takes you round to the SEA life centre is fun and the beaches are some of the best.

We spent a few days in a holiday apartment right on the beach in the North Bay. It turned out to be the perfect spot to explore from.

Which of the seaside towns of the North Yorkshire Coast is your favourite? Which ones have I missed?

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15 thoughts on “Top Seaside Towns of North Yorkshire

  1. I just knew Whitby would be number 1 on this list as soon as I clicked on it! I’ve very fond memories of seagulls stealing my chips while eating there as a child!

  2. I was so pleased to find these post, as I’ve always wanted to learn more about the Northern coastlines. I am determined to visit sometime, all these places sound lovely, I can almost smell the sea air!

  3. I love on the south coast so haven’t visited any northern beaches, apart from a couple in Scotland. I would like to one day

  4. Oh wow I do love a good seaside break, as it is nice to take in some fresh air for sure xx

  5. Top 4 seaside spots to visit in North Yorkshire. Beautiful beaches & all have fantastic fish & chips. Even plenty to do when it rains & it does (a lot). Take a week & visit all 4, I guarantee you wont be disappointed….

  6. You can beat fish and chips at Scarborough. They are the best. Plus the arcade. Are also very cheap. Especially Marshall’s. Which I believe still has two pence slots. You have tried the rest. Now try the best.

  7. Don’t forget Saltburn by sea, absolutely beautiful. Pier, tramlift. Crazy golf, Italian gardens, stunning views. Victoria splendour.

    1. I’ve never been to Filey! As soon as we can I will have to visit. I definitely have a few more to add to this list.

  8. These are the places that my family went to every summer as our grandparents lived there.
    Have you tried Runswick Bay? You can take the car down, but, beware, it’s a nightmare of a bank to get back up! Or what about Sandsend? Lovely quiet beach, with lots of sand!

  9. Love all the seaside towns in Yorkshire. Went to Staithes every year for summer holidays with my parents right through the 1950s and into the early 60s. Went back with my own children in 70s. Last time was in 2013 for husbands 70th birthday. Many happy memories

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