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Visiting Norfolk Lavender in Hunstanton-Off-Season

Norfolk Lavender is a lavender farm re-imagined as a tourist attraction just outside Hunstanton. In the summer months (July and August), tours can be taken around the fields and distillery. However, if you visit off-season, there is still plenty to see. Norfolk Lavender is a combination garden, farm shop and petting farm. The farm park is compact but well put together and popular with my children and along with the adjacent soft play.

I have written about many attractions in and around Hunstanton. For a round-up of things to do in Hunstanton click here. For things to do near Hunstanston check this one out.

Animals at Norfolk Lavender

Sheep at Norfolk Lavender’s Petting Farm

The farm park at Norfolk Lavender is accessed by a cute shop/kiosk. It has all the staples of a classic petting farm, including chickens, rabbits, guinea pigs, sheep and goats. There’s even a Critter’s Cabin reptile and minibeast room. All the animals on site are accessible.

The Maze

Learning about ladybirds at Norfolk Lavender

One of the cleverest uses of space at Norfolk Lavender is the hedge maze within the farm park. Hidden within the maze are educational displays and pieces of art. The children took part in an activity trail that involved collecting stamps from the various exhibits, including a bug hotel and hedgehog hide. The maze itself wasn’t too enclosed or confusing, so it was easy to make your way to all the stations. A tower at the centre of the maze gives you a sense of achievement when you get there.

Playgrounds at Norfolk Lavender

Norfolk Lavender Playground

A sizable area of Norfolk Lavender’s farm park is dedicated to an outdoor playground. You will find a sandpit and ride-on tractors as well as the usual playground stuff.


To the gardens

Separate to the farm park are the Norfolk Lavender’s gardens. You might expect the gardens to mostly be lavender. There is an area of lavender and herbs next to the garden centre. However, aside from one location which showcases the different types of lavenders, there is no lavender. You cross over a quaint white bridge and into a peaceful and well laid-out garden.

Varieties of lavender

Soft Play – Farmer Fred’s Adventure Play Barn

The soft play a traditional large play centre with a cafe for the grown-ups. There’s plenty to keep kids entertained.

Shops at Norfolk Lavender

Lavender products in the shop

Norfolk Lavender has several shops, including a gift shop that sells lavender products alongside other gifts. The site also has a farm shop and garden centre for all your shopping needs.

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