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Kids and Why I Started this Blog

So why did I decide to start a blog? I have sat down at my laptop several times in the last year to try and start writing a blog/diary. I’ve written a couple of entries, but never gotten round to putting it online or taken it any further. Life inevitably gets in the way and one of the many thousand things higher on my ‘To Do’ list get priority. Will this attempt be any different?

Where it Began

I’ve thought a lot about the subject of my blog. In my twenties I always wanted to write a travel blog. Unfortunately that involves actually going somewhere and my trips were few and far between. As a result the blog literally went nowhere. Since the arrival of my children a new subject has presented itself and they certainly provide a lot of material so I’ve decided to combine the two and focus on what it’s like to get out and about with the kids. Unfortunately I won’t be blogging any time soon on the highs and lows of our adventure to India. For the time being at least, you are more likely to be reading about our two days in Yorkshire or our visit to the local dinosaur park.

My reasons for starting to write something are simple. I enjoy writing, I find it extremely cathartic and it helps to organise my mind. It may seem an obvious reason but like so many mums nowadays my life is so busy and at times (often) overwhelming. I am not blessed with natural organisational skills. It requires a concerted effort for me to get my shit together. As a consequence I am frequently on the verge of drowning in a sea of work/child/life responsibilities.

I also feel I would like to document this part of my life. I want to remember the good, the bad and the ugly of life with small children. Mostly I want to remember the good. However, I am well aware there is no getting away from the bad or the ugly, especially where children are concerned. I could write a post a day on nappy incidents.

Inspiring Mum

The reason for this latest flash of inspiration is that I’ve just finished reading Sarah Turner’s second book. Sarah is the author of The Unmumsy Mum Blog. Reading something like that provokes lots of thinking about how I have found the last three years and the adventures it has presented.

I first discovered the Unmumsy Mum Blog when my son was three months old. At this time I was struggling to come to terms emotionally with having a small baby. I know from having followed her on social media for the last three years that I am not the only one. She helped to realise that they weren’t alone on the parenting journey. There are millions of parents out there who are sometimes afraid to admit that there are desperate lows to go with the incredible highs when it comes to having children.

This book follows a year in the life of the Unmumsy family dealing with all the issues that come with toddlers and pre-schoolers. A lot of it resonates directly with me, not just the stuff about the (mis) behaviour of small children, but also the problems of finding a work/life balance, particularly when you work from home (as both my husband and I do) and having the male parent share the responsibility of child-rearing (how is this still shocking in this day and age?).

Not all of it spoke directly to me, I have not yet thankfully been treated to a willy show from my three year old! But I’ve always felt with Unmumsy that the differences don’t matter because everyone’s experiences are different and really we’re all just trying to make the best of it.

More Recomendations

While on the subject of parent bloggers turned authors, I recently read The Daily Struggles of Archie Adams aged 2 ¼ by Katie Kirby. This book is hilarious and disturbingly close representation of the year we’ve just had with our own little Archie. At the end she thanked her own children for not being quite as bad as Archie. Lucky Katie because there was very little in that book that I couldn’t directly relate to. Katie is also the author of the blog Hurrah for Gin.

These are second books for both these authors and I must admit I haven’t read either of their first offerings. I’ll definitely be getting onto Amazon soon to put this right.

Do you have any book recommendations for me? Are you a blogger? What made you start?


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